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If you are culture vultures and history lovers as we are, then you will have plenty to absorb you.  The rich history of the region is one of the key elements that first drew us to explore, and then fall in love with Istria ...


Explore for yourselves & learn about the diverse and fascinating history that surrounds you - from the prehistoric legacy to the Venetian and Austro-Hungarian heritage, and much in between ... it is guaranteed to enrich your experience in Istria.  


If for no other reason, trust me, the glass of wine at the end of the day will be all the more enjoyable as a result ...

Iron & Bronze Age Experience

Explore centuries old Bronze Age ruins in complete solitude ... this was our fascinating experience at Monkodonja, located on a plateau close to Rovinj, overlooking the Adriatic.  


If you have a passion for ancient history, then there are a number of under-developed yet extraordinary sites waiting to be experienced ...

Roman Experience

The Roman's left an impressive legacy in the peninsula; most notably, the incredibly well maintained amphitheatre in Pula, constructed in the 1st century.  For a unique experience, festivals and concerts are held within the arena during summer months.   

Discover the gifts from Roman Antiquity in Pula, the Brijuni Islands & elsewhere ...

Byzantine Experience

Do not miss out on the Euphrasian Basilica in Porec. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, it is one of the best examples of Byzantine architecture in the Mediterranean.  


The entire complex is fascinating, but the 6th century mosaics in the triumphal arch are simply spectacular.

Istrian Fresco Experience

The Istrian peninsula is scattered with small churches.  Those built during medieval times were not considered complete if a painter had not adorned the walls with frescoes - not only an authentic art form but one which was used as a key communication vehicle for the largely illiterate local population.  The Dance of Death at St Mary on Skriljinah in Beram is fabulous, but be prepared for an adventure to locate the key ...

Venetian Experience

Heritage from the Venetian era is visible across the region as a reminder of the influence the powerful empire had on this small peninsula from the 9th to late 18th century.  From bell towers, to loggias to the familiar coat of arms ... If you are a lover of Venice, as I have been since childhood visits there with my father, then I'd encourage you to explore and soak up the sense of history and romance that the architecture and heritage exudes ...

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I strongly recommend visiting the excellent Istra Culture website for a wealth of information on the many and varied cultural and historical wonders of the region.  

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