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Wine Experiences

It is believed that the first grapes were introduced to Istria by the Greeks in the 6th Century BC.  The tradition and passion for wine-making is now stronger than ever, and although still relatively unknown internationally, Istrian wines will almost definitely surprise and delight you. 

The Mediterranean climate, cool breezes that descend from the alps, and the three varieties of soil found in the region (red, grey and white) combine to produce a wide variety of wines ... from mineral rich, acidic whites, to more robust and full bodied reds ... I invite you to explore the local wine roads and find your favourite ...

Truffle Experiences

The truffle was considered a delicacy going back to Roman times.  To this day, this strange, unsightly tuber retains the title of the King of Istrian gastronomy.  

Whether you are ready for a hunting adventure in the heart of the Motovun forest, or if a gourmet truffle tasting menu is more your style, no trip to Istria would be complete without experiencing the taste, the aroma and the majesty of the precious truffle ...

"The truth about Italy's white truffles" - BBC Travel, January 2018

Olive Oil Experiences

"Olive-tree! The edible oil! The oil of gods and mankind alike... The oil of charitable deeds and anointment. The queen of all trees. A mythological and biblical plant ... an emblem of peace. A Christian rite and feast... An all-cure, a touch and a hallmark of Istria."

For the past five years, from 2015 - 2019, Istria has ranked as the best olive oil region in the world in the renowned Flos Olei guide ... Do you need any more convincing to explore Istria's remarkable olive oil roads?

Gourmet Experiences

It is little surprise, given the incredible traditions of wine, truffle and olive oil cultivation in the region, that you will find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to the local restaurant scene.


From fine dining experiences to traditional konobas, you will not be disappointed!  Sit down, relax, and sample the diverse bounty of Blue & Green Istria ... 

Then there is also the Villa Oliva Gourmet experience, which you may just deserve after a day of explorations ...   

Cultural Experiences

The Istrian peninsula has a long and rich history.  Ancient tribes and powerful empires have ruled this beautiful region, leaving their legacy as a gift to those of us that love to learn and explore! 

A wealth of experiences lie on your doorstep, ranging from pre-historic sites, to Roman & Byzantine treasures to Venetian and Austro-Hungarian heritage.  For art lovers, the Istrian frescoes that adorn the walls of many medieval churches dotted around the peninsula, are most definitely worth exploring.  If you are interested to take a cultural journey back in time you are in for a treat ...

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