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A young olive tree in Villa Oliva's olive grove

If the budding olive grove at Villa Oliva whets your appetite to explore further, then an adventure along the Olive Oil roads comes highly recommended.  

Be you an olive oil novice or an officionado, the variety and quality of the prize-winning local produce will not disappoint.  You are in one of the best places in the world to enjoy this experience ... and the opportunity lies right on your doorstep.

Olive Oil Roads Experience

If you are anything like us, olive oil tasting is not necessarily the first thing that springs to mind. Think again! Our tasting experiences at Meneghetti & Ipsa opened our eyes (and tastebuds) to the remarkable depth and variety of olive oil ... Silky smooth and unctuous, from mellow to spicy ... prepare to be surprised ... 

Explore, soak up the history & traditions of this ancient craft, & give your tastebuds a gift!

Olive Harvesting Experience

If you are fortunate enough to stay at Villa Oliva in Autumn during the olive harvest, then a visit to Agro-Millo is a must.  Tour the small, pristine milling facility to see how olives are washed, pressed, mixed, decanted and separated to produce liquid gold!  

Agro-Millo is a family run business located in Baredine, just 3km from the villa.  They also produce their own oil - grab a bottle to go - you will not regret it!

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